EU VAT Registration still easy after Brexit with RM Boulanger UK

EU vat registration makes trading across international borders within the EU countries much easier and more flexible. EU vat registration can be applied for and used by companies within and without the EU. Of course you still have to follow the country regulations with the EU countries when you have an EU vat registrations, but it´s clearer and easier. Many trading companies with an EU vat registration use in different EU countries virtual offices. They make use of the actual technical possibilities like voice over IP to have in each country a local number. Every number is automatically, without costs, transferred to the real office somewhere in the world. All billing, marketing, etc. is done electronically over the internet and they use local domain names to give and get a local feeling. The EU world is flat. Thomas Friedman wrote a book call “The world is flat”. In this book he describes that doing business in the modern world is fully transparent. Production, sales, business, after-sales, marketing and communication can be done somewhere in the world, the consumer, but also the businesses between each other, want know where they are connected, where something comes from (in China they can print made in Germany too) and where companies physically are located. Languages have no borders anymore. Many people speak more than one language, with voice over IP you can make use of local people in local call centers and producing documents can be done almost stand alone and electronically. They only complications are the local governments and politics. They are always strong and good in creating anti-business rules and regulations and create complications in doing business between countries who don´t like each other. But politics and governments are not the only reason, also the local people can react weird when business is done with their neighbor country. Currently in Belgium there is a TV-spot where a Belgium family cross the border with the Netherlands and at once they turn around on the road to drive back into Belgium. They need to eat French fries, which the Dutch can´t make. Maybe you can call this smart local marketing, but it´s a fact that in our flat world business is also driven or blocked by human emotions. Of course there are all kind of “alliances” to improve international business. In Europe we have the EU and the Euro. And even something called “Schengen”, but I had to wait last week 1 hour to cross the border between Austria and Germany…. The British think they created and rule the world, so they decided to stay with the Pound when the rest of the EU converted to the Euro. And now they decided to leave the EU, the Brexit is there! When they are really out of the EU in some yours, can I still do easy and transparent business with my EU vat registration? Or do the British create something like a Brexit tax registration? After the British more countries are talking and thinking of their own “Brexit”. The world is getting round again and when this continues transparency and flexibility (which is even within the current EU not so high as it should be) will fade away. International business will become more expensive because, instead of centralized driven business with virtual local offices, companies will need local physical representatives again. Local representatives cost money and are hard to control. Each country will have for 100% sure their own tax rules and currencies. On the other side, the British are they only one who think that they rule the world, the rest of the world knows better and the Brexit hurts the British most and will show that alliances like the EU are important. So will a EU vat registration stay important too.