NBA Live Mobile – What you need to know about sniping filters

NBA Live Mobile sniping is a coin making technique that mainly depends on two things: filters and refresh timers. Before using a filter, players need to figure out when the auction house is refreshed. NBA Live Mobile auction house is refreshed once every five minutes and a few seconds. This is the best time to use a filter. Figuring out the exact refresh timers is not hard. Players can deduce it on their own or check out a community NBA Live Mobile website that lists daily refresh timers. The hard part comes next and this is finding a good sniping filter.

NBA Live Mobile auction house has several search options such as player name, team, type, price, position, lineup, program and OVR range. A sniping filter is a combination of these options that yields best results when looking for high quality players listed at low prices. Finding a good sniping filter is not at easy job especially for a new player. Looking up good sniping filters is not really an option because no one wants to share their coin making secrets. There are some forum posts with general guidelines but it will be very hard to find all the search options for a good filter. The reason players don’t want to share them is simple: they don’t want competition.


NBA Live Mobile has a thriving community that shares plenty of guides but when it comes to sniping filters no one is willing to give a good one away. The only choice for new players is to figure out sniping filters on their own. Browsing all items listed on the auction house is not a viable alternative because of the short refresh timer. By the time players check out items, the auction house will be refreshed with new ones. While this will not help players find the best bargains, it is not necessarily a waste of time either. Players will get an idea about items value and see which ones are in high demand. New players are encouraged to not worry too much about sniping filters in the beginning. They will gain knowledge and eventually come up with one as they learn more and more about NBA Live Mobile.

For NBA live mobile playing, if you need the nba live mobile coins for help, there are two ways, the first to farm yourself, maybe it need your more time, the others is to buy from others, but we suggest you to buy from the legit site, otherwise, it could be banned your account.